CHRG App dashboard

We will help you provide EV charging service in a convenient and smart way

With our platform, you can manage fleets of charging stations in different locations using station owners web dashboard. Whereas EV driver can conveniently locate start / stop charging session and pay for charging using an App

CHRG Network

Most intuitive station owners dashboard on the market

  • We made “self on-boarding” possible.
  • It takes few minutes to create station owners profile and setup your first station in our station managers panel.

EV Drivers App lets you:

  • Spot vacant stations on map and helps you navigate
  • Reserve station in advance / Initiate, stop & pay for charging session
  • While charging on DC charger you can conveniently see battery status, power, and loaded kWh right on your phone screen
CHRG Network station owner

Station owners dashboard lets you:

  • Automatically onboard EV drivers (no paper contracts)
  • Automatically collect payments for charging provided
  • Set own pricing and see charging stats of your stations
  • Remotely activate / deactivate and reboot your stations