B2B Sales for Electrical service companies


Do you have an Electric service business and would you like to sell and install electric chargers for electric cars?

You do what you do best to install electrical components at customers place. Let us bring you new orders in your area! These orders will be from private EV owners as well as business customers.


Electrical service

We offer two different ways to collaborate:

1. We list your company on our site as suggested electrical service provider in your area. After we sell charging station in your area, we will direct OUR customer to YOU for electrical installation.

2. Your company offer our stations to YOUR customer. We will provide you with wide selection of charging stations (more chance for you to close sale) with favourable rebate scheme. This way you do not need to rely on one brand supplier.  You can be sure to have a latest products in your offering which will match your end customers needs. This way it will not be necessary to keep products in your stock.



CHRG Network
station owners dashboard

For your customers we will provide access to our system FREE of charge

CHRG Network system will help end customer reduce his electricity bill by as much as 100-200 € / year*

For business customers our system allows to list & automatically collect payments in charging station marketplace. Where all CHRG Network and other provider App users can find, initiate / stop and pay for charging session using personal smart phone.


This is a nice bonus for your customer which they would not get from other supplier!

Let’s cooperate – together we will provide best offering for end customer!

* assuming EV driver charges at least 2 hours every day between 5pm to 10pm. With ‘Peak shaving’ function enabled he will be able to save 15 €/month or 180 €/year (when evening / night kWh rate differs 0.04 €/kWh)