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V2C Trydan – the new standard for home charging?


  • Solar surplus energy charging – Charge your electric vehicle only with the solar excess without needing energy from the grid.
  • New value-for-money standard in home charger segment?

Why should you buy EV charging station?


  • Learn more about Volts, Amps, kilowatts and phases
  • Different types and ranges of EV charging stations

Is it safe to charge your EV from regular 16A outlet?


  • Find out more if it is safe to use your home socket for charging regularly?
  • Will you spare money when charging EV and using cable with AC adapter daily?

ABB Terra AC – Wallbox stations for home and business


  • Find out more about AC station offereing from Europes most reliable electric equipment supplier
  • Stations with access to ABB cloud and smart functionalities for medium segment price

Right Charging Station for charging your EV at home?


  • Find out more about things you need to consider before you choose station for daily charging at home

Types of cables and adapters for home and public charging


  • Find out more which types of cables and adapters you need to have in your EV trunk for dayly charging at home or public chargers

ABB Terra AC with Display – newest product from industry leader for those who look for top-notch solution

  • ABB Terra familyreceived a new member – models with integrated colour LCD display.The stations have ALL smart functions controlled remotely through the ChargerSync App.
  • Stations have new hardware addons: MID certified meter, Shutter for protection, 4G modemetc.
  • Find out more about latest functions of new product for your wall box stations.

All you need to know about different wall socket standards used for EV charging

  • Schucko wall socket used indoors and outdoors.
  • CEE BLUE socket / plug for one phase charging
  • Find out more about different tyops of RED CEE sockets and plugs